Some reactions to the shows so far

★★★★★ Fantastic show, would highly recommend to others.


★★★★★ I had the pleasure of attending what was indeed a hugely successful performance at Clothworker's Hall last week. Beforehand I found it difficult to imagine how being part of the wedding could and would work, and I confess I was a little apprehensive. But from the moment we arrived we were made to feel very much part of the happy couple's celebration (just like any wedding where you or your partner don't know the couple or fellow-guests that well, but where the atmosphere is happy and sociable) and were thus immediately drawn into what was subsequently to unfold. I was also aware that the ticket-price was relatively elevated – but have to say that it was worth every penny. Not only were we 'guests' treated to a musical performance of the highest level involving a large number of artists; we were also royally wined and dined. I shall be looking out for future performances to recommend to friends; indeed this is an evening to which I would like to treat myself again, at some point soon.


★★★★★ Nothing short of Magnificent! A totally Original piece of work, to combine Italian Opera with Contemporary Dance and Audience participation is a winning formula Worth every penny of the asking price! Truly felt I was part of the Wedding, there was an audible thud as my heart hit my feet in the death scenes, the acting & music took care of the rest…..I couldn’t eat my Paella!!


★★★★★ Fantastic overall experience, brilliantly talented cast


★★★★★ Having watched the Orfeo Experience last weekend I can say I was truly blown away by the performance! The talent on show was fantastic and the very nature of the experience draws you in and makes you part of the proceedings and invested in the story. The tickets were great value for the full package and I would highly recommend!


★★★★★ The Orfeo Experience is an intensely enjoyable show. William Purefoy’s brilliant concept took his wedding guests on a surprising journey: while being wined and dined, theatre, dance and music merged, plunging us into an emotionally charged, subtly interactive and wholly original performance of Gluck’s Orfeo and Euridice. The superb cast of singers and dancers were accompanied by the eminently stylish playing of Instruments of Time and Truth. Worth every penny and not to be missed!


★★★★★ The immersive nature of this production meant that we felt completely involved in the action, keenly experiencing the emotions played out so closely in front of us. Following drinks and mingling, we joined the wedding celebrations of Orfeo and Euridice. The clever production, design and choreography generated feelings of elation, and I am sure that I actually laughed aloud at the happiness of the occasion. When the high spirits amongst everyone in the room – cast and audience alike – were shattered at the death of Euridice and immense grief of Orfeo, it seemed to hit harder. And so the production continued; a roller coaster of emotions presented in a stunning fashion. Another reviewer wrote that they felt that the dancers and chorus were more than the sum of their parts, and I have to agree. The voices of the chorus were able to fill the space - which must have been a hard task when their roles were also so physical - and yet they achieved it beautifully. Coupled with the rich sounds of the orchestra, some phenomenal leads and the physicality of the performances, this was story-telling at its best.


★★★★★ Sublime singing and delicious food and drink, this really is an evening of food for the body, heart and soul. The story was beautifully realised in the singing of William Purefoy, Helen Parker and Rebecca Bottone, subtly supported by the orchestra and a fine chorus of 4 singers and 4 dancers who’s contribution was far greater than the sum of their parts. Intimate, entertaining and uplifting. A highly recommended evening.


★★★★★ The opening night of Orfeo and Euridice at the Clothworkers’ Hall was sensational. Staged in the intimate surroundings of a real wedding venue, we were treated to a virtuoso performance, all helped along by the delicious food and plentiful wine that one may expect at a prestige matrimonial event. The simple set transforms itself throughout the evening, and with such clever staging, the audience has a real sensation of the transforming nature of the environment, as the story moves from Triumph to Tragedy and back again. The voices of William Purefoy, Helen Parker and Rebecca Bottone, supported by a brilliant cast and the Orchestra of Instruments of Time and Truth were amazing. Book now!


★★★★★ As a non-Opera Buff I loved this evening of depth and quirkiness and absolutely sublime music and singing. The price may seem high but it includes the "wedding catering"! Close up musical magic.


★★★★★ This was one of the best evenings out we've had in a long while. From the moment we arrived, we were drawn into the story. Deliciously immersed in excellent food and wine, we were also bathed in glorious singing and playing. With imaginative and fluid staging, the four supple dancers and quartet of chorus guided us through the drama, supporting the heartfelt and achingly beautiful singing of the principal singers. Fight for a ticket - you will not regret it!


★★★★★ Beautiful evening. An intimate love story unfolds around you with acting, singing & dancing of high quality. Lovely food and drink keeps coming. Wonderful simple design and use of space - The Triumph of Love is achieved. Well worth it!